Rewind Detox

Rewind Detox

Zeolite liquid Nano Particle Mouth Spray. A product of Nordens Ultimate Improves Cognitive Brain Function by Removing Heavy Metals and Chemical Toxins from your Mind and Body. Also safe and effective for assisting children on the autism spectrum.


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Clinoptilolite/Rewind is safe for anybody. Pregnant and breastfeeding ladies as well as children of all ages. One could drink a glass full of Rewind without any untoward effects. However,  when we come to use it for toxin removal it can and sometimes does exhibit some effects. The effects can be mitigated by temporarily reducing the dose or even stopping for a day or two.  There is no cumulative effect of Rewind. Once the oral spray is administered it is active for about 6-7 hours and then is excreted in the urine. End of story.

We maintain “Go low – Go slow”, meaning initiate dosing at 1 spray orally per day. Morning or evening really makes no difference. After about 5 days increase to 2 sprays either both in the morning or evening or split them into morning and evening. We increase incrementally and get up to about 5 sprays per day after perhaps 15-20 days.

Side effects that one might experience are headaches, cough, runny nose, pimples and so forth.  They only last for a relatively short period of time, maybe a few days or more and with pimples maybe a week. If someone started exhibiting effects after say 15 days on 3 sprays per day, then you could consider dropping one spray per day until there are no more symptoms then resume the 3 sprays daily building up to 5 or just “tough it out” and continue as before.

The effects are varied, eg someone with insomnia might start sleeping well and vice versa. But, all of these effects are generally short lived. Moles might start disappearing as well as warts. I won’t go into details about what we have observed with autistic children, but in brief, they might become aggressive for a short period or having been aggressive they now become placid, inactive might become active and so on. Even subtle eye colour changes often occur.

Patients on prescription medication, and particularly cationic medication need to separate the doses by about 6 hours. This can be managed by either Rewind 1 x per day or separating the times of dosing.