Neurohacking: Rewiring your Brain


Neurohacking: Rewiring your Brain


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Rewiring your Brain to create the life and health you want.

How much of your thinking is positive? Negative?  How often do you catch yourself thinking the same thoughts over and over? Are you constantly obsessing about the past and worrying about the future? Do your thoughts make you anxious and perpetuate your fears?

Researchers at King’s College London found that the habit of prolonged negative thinking diminishes your brain’s ability to think, reason, and form memories. Essentially draining your brain’s resources. In fact, this study showed that repetitive negative thinking may increase your risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

Our thoughts, create our beliefs, which form habits and the collection of our daily repeated habits become our lives.

So, to change our health, to change our lives – we must break the habits and dismantle the false beliefs by creating new thought patterns – every second of every day, day after day until we manifest the live we dream of.