Why you shouldn’t be giving your child Fluoride


Why you shouldn’t be giving your child Fluoride

All you need to know about Fluoride


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In September 2001 the Department of Health legislated regulations in respect of fluoridation of potable water in South Africa. Fluoridating potable water is considered by some as being unconstitutional in that the use of fluoridated water is forced on consumers who have no choice in the matter. The rationale for supplementing potable water with fluoride is that South Africans, particularly those in rural areas who do not use fluoridated toothpaste, would benefit. Evidence of how negatively fluoride can impact our health has been increasing in rapid pace throughout the past few years. A big step has been made here recently. In the one of the worlds most prestigious medical journals, The Lancet, where fluoride has been at last classified 100% as a neurotoxin. This puts it in the same category as things like lead, arsenic, and mercury. The highest doses of fluoride are going to bottle-fed babies. Because of their sole reliance on liquids for their food intake, infants consuming formula made with fluoridated water have the highest exposure to fluoride, by bodyweight, in the population. This impacts development physically and mentally. The greatest concern is the impact fluoride has on the pineal gland in the brain.