What have I learnt in this last year of the Pandemic?

By Joan D Árc

There are currently various good Covid protocol in circulation, and I don’t feel qualified to critique it at all, because my understanding is that 1 year ago the world knew significantly nothing about this virus, but in the meanwhile we have learned a lot of things about it.

We know that it is not something like the common cold, though it uses the body’s airways to gain entrance. Once inside the body it goes after the iron in the blood (as its source of sustenance) and then it can cause liver/ kidney/ lung/ heart failure, wreck havoc in the brain, etc. We know more men fall victim than females do, and I was thinking that perhaps it is because with the female menstrual cycle, the body does do a mini detox through the blood that gets expelled. Once we no longer menstruate (menopause) the body is pushing those toxins through the skin with heat, resulting in hot flushes. Perhaps men are more vulnerable because they lack the regular detox that nature provides to women.

 We have learned much in 1 year, and we need to stay open minded because we would have learned equally a lot next year this time.

I think my biggest concern is with the ever increasing polarisation and the intolerance that go with it. We have people who daily using microwaves, consuming a diet filled with sugar and toxic fast foods, never having analysed the side effects of medication used in the past, being overnight experts and now telling everyone else what medication to use, or not to use? People who have never ever bothered to read the fine print of the side effects on their (or their parents’) anti-depressants/ birth control/ cholesterol/ high blood pressure/ diabetic medicine in the past, are now all experts in the side effects of the vaccines/ Ivermectin. People who don’t know the difference between transfats, hydrogenated fats, good fats, bad fats in their diets, are experts in telling me how to choose between the vaccine vs Ivermectin?

Meanwhile, I have not heard from either MacDonalds/ KFC/ Dominos Pizza/ etc. that their profits have been down since a year ago. And people still consume alcohol in excess (but calling it moderation). This means that people are experts in the side effects of the vaccines/ Ivermectin, but not of junk food, alcohol toxicity, neither willing to change their diets.

People are aware of the dangers of mRNA vaccines, but could care less about their personal microwave radiation exposure at home. Everyone who tries to convince me they use it only for heating up beverages, admit to parking right in front of the glass door, watching the mug so that it doesn’t boil over. That is exposure of your eyes and brains and breast and stomach to regular radiation, and despite the rise in cancers in those organs, few people chuck out their microwaves.

I have had people asking me if Ivermectin will help to undo sugar damages in their body, and I thought such people are better off with a vaccine, because they are definitely a threat to themselves and everybody else around them with their ignorance about basic health responsibility.

So back to the polarisation. I don’t think people are really fighting for better health for all, but instead willing to risk pushing society to a point where the only option left is to violently civil uprising of anyone who disagrees with your personal views. Its madness.  

In the book A Tale of 2 Cities, (about the horrors of the French revolution) we find characters initially resisting the exploitation by the elite, rising up as respectable leaders and in the end they were more cruel to their fellow countrymen, than what the elite they  hated, ever was to any of them. Friends betray friends and family betrays family. It ended in sadistic madness. 

All allegedly in the name of civil uprising as being in the interest of us all. 

It’s not. 

We need to learn to think critically, and be open to really listen to those who hold different opinions to us. And resist the madness that is waiting to take control of us and tear families and friends and societies apart.