Tissue Salts for Dummies

 By Joan D’Arc

Tissue Salt therapy is more than just treatment of symptom based problems, as it also has the ability to influence tha acid- base balance, the internal environment, and influence on long term, our human nature and feelings, by removing physical and psychological blockages.

 Tissue Salt therapy is based upon the inorganic substances found in blood and tissues, and the premises that they are an essential part of every cell, even if only present in very small quantities.  They are chemically pure salts, homogenous to the cell minerals. By rectifying any imbalance or deficiency to the cells, the cells will recover and be able to overcome disease.  

Cells must be able to receive and send information un the form of electrical signals, and treatment with Tissue Salts alters the cell’s membrane potential and improves its activity, in other words, its vitality. It is well known that the electrical potential of the surface or membrane of the cell, a tension that is different on the outside and inside, maintains the chemistry of the cell and with it all its vital reactions. . Indeed what distinguished living cells from dead one is the ability to maintain this membrane potential.

 Using the Schuessler protocols, enables one to regulate the information transfer and improve the conductivity network. For example, with #12 Silica, the transfer of energy is only possible because of the semiconductor silicon (quartz). (Most of us know that Silicon is a basic element in computer science)

 Potency dilution is according to homoeopathy principles, but lactose is used as carrier (instead of alcohol). People may say that the dilution is so much, that it renders the product with nothing else as just a placebo. However, one of the counter argument to this is that overdose from the product is simply not possible, irrespective of whether it is taken by and adult, toddler, new born or a pet (any pet).

 The Tissue Salt to lactose dilution is typically 1,000,000:1. It is 9 parts lactose to 1 part salt, mixed again as 9 parts lactose and 1 part mixture, etc.

 Once a tablet is administered, the molecules pass by way of osmosis through a cell membrane from a high water content to a cell with low water content, in order to achieve cellular equilibrium. Cells are however very selective in what is allowed in vs kept outside. And that’s the key here in achieving balance and health. Because the Tissue Salts are in such a final small/ highly diluted form, it is allowed to pass into cells through osmosis. Once inside it can further influence all cell metabolic processes, including “normal” absorption of nutrients from food. This can be seen for example where once either iron or magnesium levels inside cells are depleted, then these cells also will not absorb any iron or magnesium from the incoming diet either.

Using too large dosages is waste of money.

This is because a hypothetical ‘overdose’ of Tissue Salts in bloodstream will be regarded as toxic and simply be ignored by cells and excreted through kidneys/ colon/ skin, leaving the body still deficient in minerals and nutrients it desperately needs.

So we can’t use Tissue Salts to supplement any mineral deficiency caused by a bad diet, but we can only use it to kick start the body into absorbing a particular mineral from the current digestive processes, and releasing toxins in the cells, that it has been holding on to. This is all accomplished by way of cellular osmosis off course. More specifically, the iron present in #4 FerrPhos is far too insignificant to bring about the correct iron supplementation needed in your body. However, it can stimulate your body (cells) to absorb more iron already present from your food.

 Anions and Cations

 Anions = Phosphates; Sulphates; chloride

Cations = Calcium; Potassium Magnesium; Sodium

Tissue Salts are a combination of Anions and Cations. The Anions are equally important, and sometimes more important than the Cations part. If the body needs for eg Magnesium, it needs not only magnesium as a Cation, but also its corresponding Anion which is Phosphate, in order to be able to utilize it.

 If one only takes for example Calcium as an over the counter supplement, then possibly:

1. One cation deficiency may be corrected but at the expense of creating another new cation deficiency

2. One cation deficiency may be corrected but at the expense of creating another new anion deficiency

 This further is what makes Tissue Salts so different from normal over the counter supplements- it is its unique anion-cation bonding

 Consuming food directly from nature doesn’t pose a problem as nature doesn’t create isolated substances, but deliver to us nutrition in a package.  For e.g., supplementing with zinc affects the absorption of copper, which in turns competes with the absorption of iron. This is only true when using supplements, and if one for example consumes mushrooms (copper) and ginger (copper and zinc) in whole foods form, as provided in nature, then no such competition or cancellation takes place.