Looking at food as sources of our nutrition.

By Joan D’Arc

There are no reported cases on people with excess iron in their bodies, who acquired it from excessive eating of whole foods, such as for example spinach/ beet. But there are plenty of cases of iron toxicity from artificial iron ingestion (eg cereals/ milk / bread/ etc), fortified with iron from laboratories chemical concoctions.

This is inorganic iron that your body can’t metabolize and is toxic to your health. And ironically it will actually create a further deficiency for real organic iron that your body needs.

 Personally I dislike all these drugs and vaccines as it involves animal testing in labs and causes unnecessary suffering for animals in a lot of cases. If there is case to be made for justifying animal testing then there’s probably also a case to be made for limiting the trials.

A lot of drugs are being pushed onto us because our immune systems fail us.

But the question is not how to fix a weakened immune system after the event, with (cruelly obtained) drugs. But before the event, with preventative steps.  We are not powerless. There’s a lot we can do to take preventative steps.

Food Allergies testing at home

  • Test your pulse in morning upon waking up.
  • Count your pulse, taken at underside of wrist for 10 seconds, and multiply by 6 to get pulse rate.
  • Test again during the day, especially both 30 and 60 minutes after having eaten anything.
  • Allergies/ sensitivities to certain foods will cause the pulse rate to increase (around 20 beats/ minutes)