Using TS #12, The Combo

by Joan D’Arc

Nobody needs all 12 tissue salts every day. The rule is to not take more than 4 types per day.

And then
TS #3 and #5 should not be mixed (they form new chemical composition)
TS #5 and #7 should not be mixed. (7 supports excretion and 5 neutralize toxins and prevents excretion). So, they neutralize each other

They all have a place and time, just not altogether.
2019/05/16, 11:07 am – Elna Tissue oil Group: TS are not supplementation for the mineral needs of the body, in the way that we normally would use supplements.

TS are alkaline (eg calcium) PLUS acidic (eg phosphate) elements combined through a specialized processed (“potentizing”) with lactose, which then creates particular properties, i.e. we need to be mindful of the electric forces in all 3 of these elements.

This is turn simultaneously affects the neural structures and autonomic nervous systems, bringing about balance.

On the one hand, the use of Tissue Salts does improve absorption from a corresponding mineral from either your diet/ or what is already available in your blood, but on other hand, it also correctly manages another entirely different mineral also. For eg TS #8 MagPhos allows BOTH transport of potassium into a cell and removes excess sodium out of a cell, simultaneously as absorbing more magnesium from your diet.  (Ie from the general bloodstream where it is not needed into the cells where it is needed and can be utilized.)

The key is always to stick with small dosages to stimulate this electric process, (2 tablets per dosage for any/ all adults), and certainly not handfuls. A too large dosage will only inhibit the chemical process anyway. The standard dosage of TS is always 2 tablets 3/day for any size adult. There is a school that encourages the taking of TS in large quantities 20-even 50 tablets per day, or powders by the handfuls. Schussler himself researched and concluded that the dosage should rather be too small and never too big.  Should any given dosage be ‘too small’, then the repetitive taking thereof will achieve the desired goal. But the intended goal will be completely sabotaged if the dosage is too big. The reason for this is that often we already have the required nutrition/ mineral(s) in our bloodstream, but it is prevented/ blocked from being absorbed into the cells, for some biological reason.
By taking large dosages of TS, the cell’s blockage mechanisms remain in place, i.e., to keep on blocking and resisting, and so the deficiency remains.

So, then the idea is with minute dosages, to stimulate the cells, in order that they again start to absorb their necessary minerals from the diet by way of osmosis. “Resorption” is the process by which cells will selectively (please note that!), take from the bloodstream, the substances previously blocked. So, the absorption was blocked initially but we aim to achieve resorption.

So, the more deficient you are, the lesser (and not larger) your dosages should be.

Tissue Salts are not Homoeopathic medicine, as they are Biochemic medicine, granted that it is prepared in a Homoeopathic manner.

This is also why a commercial “Combo” of any TS combination is not the best use of your money…….. nobody simultaneously needs all 12 Salts in one dosage. 

TS should be administered separately from each other, it is type, by type.

Mixing #3 CalcSulph and #5 KaliMur (Potassium Chloride) together outside (externally) of your bloodstream, leads to the formation of a new chemical, ie Potassium Sulphate, which is something not needed by your body at all.