The Role of Tissues Salts in Psychosomatic Connections

by Joan D’Arc

A lack of minerals influences us on both the physical and psychological levels.

For e.g., a deficiency of TS #9 NatMur (Sodium Chlor) can show up as a rigidity of opinions, being unforgiving and resentful and bearing grudges throughout life. One can even become what is called a “wound collector “. So, the emotional symbol for the lack of balanced fluid distribution, is a “drying up of the soul” and the individual can be imprisoned by his/her own hardened (stubborn) way of thinking and an inflexibility.

Likewise, a lack of iron deficiency often leaves one emotionally over weak when instead one should be able to cope easily with “iron sharpening iron” situations in life.

A combination of zinc and copper deficiencies often manifest as “emotionally high maintenance” people and the reason is partly because of the resulting underlying heavy metal toxicity which was proven to cause behaviour problems. (e.g. autism, Alzheimer’s, etc….)

So yes, people are complex and a lot of factors contribute to who we are, including our free will/ choice for how we react/ respond to offenses and situations.

It has also been proven that bad nutrition and a specific combination of certain mineral deficiencies, is present in the bulk ofk inmates/ repeat offenders imprisoned. 

And a deficiency in the Potassium’s (2,4,6, 8 and/or 10) usually leads to depression.


The three main tissue salts of the anti-stress and nerve treatment are:
#2 Calcium phosphate 
#6 Potassium phosphate 
#8 Magnesium phosphate
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#6 KaliPhos/ Potas Phos
#1 CalcFluor
Standard dosage


People who suffer from burnout often reach for medication to treat exhaustion, sleeplessness, pain or depression. A crucial cause of burnout is long-term stress which makes for the depletion of essential minerals in the body.
An alternative to orthodox medicine are Schüssler- Salts, as they assist the body in a gentle way to improve absorption and utilisation of the mineral substances provided through foods, and thus reduce disorders.

Schüssler-Salts beneficial for Burnout

#6 Potassium phosphate – assists physical and mental exhaustion as well as depressions. In acute situations take one tablet every 5 minutes until condition improves. After two days it should be reverted to the normal dose, i.e. 2 tablets three times daily.
#8 Magnesium phosphate – strengthens nerves and caters for calmness and relaxation at night
#2 Calcium phosphate – relaxes muscles and strengthens the body
In case of exhaustion the supplementary remedy #22 Calcium carbonicum is recommended as it ensures improved regeneration of the body.


It is essential to rehabilitate the brain with No. 8 Magnesium phosphate each day.
Often the ‘Hot 8 (10 tablets dissolved in hot water) before sleep is not enough. The more stressed a person feels the more often they should dissolve a tablet in the mouth during the day – for stress prevention and relaxation. It does not make one tired, it makes one alert. The gradually strained nerves, recognisable in aggression, irritability and intolerance of noise demand lecithin, the biochemic remedy No. 6 Potassium phosphate – even a healthy person needs it regularly. A lack of potassium causes fatigue of the entire organism. The recommendation is one tablet before each meal (= 3 times daily). Also beneficial for restless infants who frequently cry and scream. Here, tablet can be dissolved in the bottle or mush, and you soon won’t recognise your little cry-baby.

Tests have shown that emotionally disturbed people, who are being treated with lithium preparations, have a less chance of developing *Alzheimer’s*.  Scientists believe that this salt can slow down the progress of degenerative brain disorders. Apart from the supplementary remedy No. 16 Lithium chloratum, a lithium-rich mineral water would be another option.
Recommended Schüssler-Salts 

  • – No. 16 Lithium chloratum – for sensory- and coordination disorders
  • – No. 20 Kalium Aluminium sulfuricum – for atrophy
  • – No. 1 Calcium fluoride – for hardenings and progressive changes of tissue
  • – No. 11 Silica – generally for age-related diseases