Surrender To Change

By Crystal Claire

When I allow the voice to be heard
singing in my eardrums ,
I let go of the boundaries,
I took a chance to experience Life without fear.
I made the pact with myself and say ”Yes”.

I lay down, preparing myself,
spinning the web of discipline
where, in the inner silence of my isolation,
I will grow, evolve,
understand who I am.

During the process of metamorphosis,
I am lightness of being
in the density of a pupa,
I am enlightenment in my dark abode,
expanded in the restriction
of the small space of my cocoon.

I surrendered, I became something
I never dreamed of.
I am freedom with wings
a butterfly.
My beauty dazzles.

Despite my fragility, I am an activist
Helping nature in her evolution,
with my special gift of pollination.
I listened to the voice of creation,
said “Yes” to change…
and became aware of humanity.