I Am Back

By Crystal Claire

This morning I woke up with a smile on my face and said with delight ‘I’m back, I’m back’. The excitement of welcoming a new day was overpowering after almost 5 weeks lost in pain physically, emotionally, in a dark place facing a day with a Soul shattered in small pieces. Surely what I was experiencing was a bad dream! No, that can’t be me! I’m know for my exuberance, my delight in breathing life, my unbelievably sharp memory at the age of nearly 79. During the five weeks since my accident I have lived in a fog, depressed, weepy, having the most terrifying nightmares changing me into a person who was afraid to go to bed at night. My worse feeling was, I was never going to become ‘me’ again. I was this lost wolf in the thick of snow just roaming about with no destination.

I had plans to live a full life expressing my aliveness in my 90s, was this after all the end that had come sooner than expected! Should I close my eyes and wait for that last breath that was knocking at my door.

I’d become this small, vulnerable someone who could not remember how to put the words together to make sense in a conversation. My impeccable memory had flown far away where I couldn’t reach it anymore… The brain scan reported no calcification therefore no trace of dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. That give me hope. The bruising of the brain, the concussion and whiplash I received when I got entangled in a thick chain securing trailers on promotion and tripped was the repercussions of that fall. The right side of my face hit the hard surface, my body weight propelled me into an awkward fall that caused the damage to my head and neck. I also injured my left leg caught in the chain and so the journey of clinics, physiotherapy, doctor‘s appointment, chiropractors, sonars, x-rays, CT scan etc…

As a busy holistic therapist/ healer for 35 years to be reduced to a creature whose identity had disappeared completely and I wasn’t sure who I was anymore. My life was reduced to a pathetic vulnerable shell of a human being with a shattered soul. I felt empty.

The first miracle towards my recuperation was being seen by the most amazing Medical Doctor practising in a totally holistic and metaphysical way. At every visit I would ask him ‘when is Claire coming back’ as I felt that my being had fragmented into different pieces and I was just a physical shell. My soul had broken in pieces. The strangest thing was, I felt I was looking at Claire 3 meters away, in front of that shell. I totally regressed by decades unable to remember who I really was. With patience and the support of this amazing doctor, acupuncture, homoeopathic remedies, spiritual healing, I slowly started to become once again integrated into my wholeness.

On my third medical visit, the doctor sat me down explaining that I shouldn’t be sitting in front of him having this conversation. I shouldn’t be alive, with the force of the fall I should have had a broken neck. He told me that I’ve been given a second chance in life and it doesn’t happen to too many people, and so, my life is never going to be the same again. After this type of trauma, my life was going to be MORE than what it ever was. The gift after the pain and suffering came to me through the help of a wonderful Spiritual healer. A portal had opened bringing the experience of deep channelling. I was also given the spiritual name ‘Crystal’. My guides and spirits are with me all the way. After this post traumatic experience a new ‘Me’ was emerging. The old self had to leave… The love and deep gratitude filled the shell that I was to the brim. In quietness I listen to how I can serve better and ask for what purpose was I saved through the second chance I’ve been given.

I’d been told by the medium that a portal has been opened for deeper work for the help of humanity. So many miracles have happened to assist me to surrender and allow this higher power to take over and guide me through this next chapter of my Life, to the point of greater service.

I’ve started channelling the most profound messages. This gift needs to be shared, as mentioned by those who helped me.

In love and light I send a gratitude prayer and blessings to all those who supported me on this journey. I couldn’t have done it without your help.