The Benefits Of Meditation

by Crystal Dalton

Meditation is invaluable at this present time. We are surrounded by so much chaos and uncertainty, that to take time to sit in quietness and get in touch with the source that exist within us, is the best gift we can give ourselves. 

From the moment we are born, we learn to engage with the outer world, including our parents and all that is happening around us. We go to school and are taught by teachers, a syllabus that forces us to learn and interact with the world that is outside of us, oblivious of the vibration of pure consciousness that exists in every living creature. The only way to discover who we truly are is to make time and create a space where we can be still and tune in with this infinite consciousness. Even in holy book, they say ‘be still and know that thyself’

Practicing meditation regularly helps us reach a higher state of consciousness we never knew existed before. It can be life changing! We transcend into a higher vibration that is ‘Source’ which is healing and awakens a feeling of oneness with all there is. 

According to scientific research, our mind processes eighty thousands thoughts a day. It’s like a thinking machine that never stops, and like any machine, if we don’t look after it by servicing it regularly, it will break down. We can become overwhelmed by our busy life, our systems break down, and we become unbalanced and experience dis-ease. 

Benefits of Meditation 

Meditation is the most powerful antidote to stress and the most effective way to remove deep-rooted stresses deposited in our nervous system.

Over the years Medical research has confirmed that most disease are caused by or complicated by stress. Research also showed that meditation has profound benefits on the mind, body and behaviours. Meditation reduces stress, anxiety and depression. It increases creativity, intelligence, improves memory and learning abilities. It eliminates physical tension, bringing us into balance. We meditate to awaken the knowledge within. We become aware of the rhythm and messages deep within us. Our heart rate slows down while blood pressure drops. It strengthens our immune system resulting in vitality and wellness. 

Meditation transforms Lives

One of the most famous Meditation Masters was Siddhartha, the Prince who lived in Judea 2500 years ago. He gave up everything to pursue spiritual knowledge. He became the Buddha or ‘Awakened One’. He taught that meditation can lead one person at a time to bliss and end human suffering. 

We don’t have to become Buddhist to learn meditation. Nowadays, medical doctors and therapists around the world are recommending meditation to get rid of stress, which improves our health, reduces depression and strengthens our immune system. 

When we meditate we are re-forming, re-building and re-making, leaving behind habits that don’t serve us anymore and establish new ones. We build a new reality which is beyond the senses we have experienced until now. We move into a lightness of Beingness that brings a deep sense of peace, love and contentment.  We become more in control of our lives.