Kinesiology uses gentle muscle-monitoring to access the subconscious mind and gain information to assist healing.

Using kinesiology we address many of the emotional and physical behaviours and through age regression we piece together the puzzle of why we do the things we do, the habits we have and the way we react to life and others and the way we treat ourselves. And then we establish new/better neurological options to deal with life and help create transformation.

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens” ― Carl Jung.  

Human beings are self-regulating and programmed to heal themselves. Sometimes “blockages” occur in these adaptive, cybernetic loops and Kinesiology is invaluable as a verification tool. Kinesiology uses gentle muscle-monitoring techniques to access the subconscious mind and gain accurate information about your current issues and what is needed to help your body, mind and spirit to restore balance. When you’re in a balanced state it is far easier to access your own wisdom so you can make decisions from a place of clarity. Kinesiology taps into the body to shift the root cause of the imbalance. Since emotions are held in the body, Kinesiology is a powerful modality to experience for yourself.

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